An Open Letter to all TEA Party Members and Like Minded Supporters:

March 18, 2012

The videos linked at the end of this post show how far we have come toward having a Soviet style police state replace The Constitution and  Bill of Rights!


THIS is a defining moment in America….A GRASS roots moment.…A WE THE PEOPLE MOMENT…. A TEA  PARTY ACTION MOMENT

Yesterday’s actions in Missouri showed the Political/Media/Giant multi-cultural industrial One World Government Cabal WILL use POLICE POWER against us. It also showed that it  FEARS  Ron Paul’s message of FREEDOM under the U.S. Constitution. Obviously, the cabal does not hold that fear about the other establishment candidates.  Isn’t that interesting!  

If the police yesterday had refused to arrest members of the peaceful group engaged in a legal political process, would the cabal have called out the National Guard or military force to arrest them?

One cannot profess love of Freedom and the U.S Constitution and allow the cabal to dictate who we are allowed to vote for.  If we don’t respond now while we still can …we may soon find ourselves fighting a war for our freedom that we will not have a chance of winning.

This is not a time to be moderate. This is a time for TEA PARTY PEOPLE to stand their ground together, in peaceful action, demanding that those at the highest level in all states who called for vote scamming and for denying individuals their vote in the delegate process be quickly arrested and held accountable at open trial.



Charles County Caucus Shutdown, Ron Paul Delegates Arrested – March 17, 2012Why was this man arrested?  Inciting a “riot”?  Hardly. He was exercising his right to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.  Yet he was arrested. Something has become truly, truly rotten in the Socialist States of Amerika.




March 4, 2012








America’s legal system follows the U.S Constitution in protecting our bodies…our ideas…our possessions…our dreams…and the fruit of our labors.  Protection of those rights brought immigrants to our shores who kissed the ground under their feet when they arrived.  They worked hard, learned our language, educated their children and contributed to the arts and industry. They built our cities and our economy and they became loyal citizens. Now people are running away from here to find safety on other shores.  Industry is leaving.  Congress is AWOL.  We the People are fearful of our own government.   The President disregards the Constitution while the Supreme Court looks the other way.  The economy is in grave danger from unsustainable deficits and debt and our government just keeps printing more fiat money, drawing us ever closer to financial collapse.  False environmental pollution reports generated under the auspices of the UN are being used to generate EPA controls on industry in America that add to production costs pushing us further away from being competitive in the global market.


Meanwhile the three, so-called front-runner presidential candidates, say jobs creation to improve the economy is the way to save America.  They say they believe in a free economy. They say they believe Iran and N Korea are our biggest threats and they are recommending we go to war to pre-empt what might become a future nuclear threat.  Yet, we already have military bases surrounding those relatively minor countries, whose leaders can’t be so naïve to think they would survive our power if they actually messed with us.  But, in other times when the economy was bad, that’s what America did…we went to war.  It is impossible to lower the debt ceiling if we wage war now. Even without war, with the un-constitutional Federal Reserve controlling the money supply, it is neigh near impossible to grow industry in America when the value of the dollar  keeps falling making fuel costs rise and investing with private capital too risky for most small companies to contemplate.

China can manufacture everything cheaper than we can.  Global trade has U.S. corporations making huge profits overseas. That doesn’t help the economy or jobs here at home.  Nafta & Gatt are creating America as a giant land bridge for global trade between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, while destroying property rights and giving our military and industrial secrets to China in exchange for the right to manufacture our products there.  So what do you think is really going on?  Why are the forces systematically destroying our country? Stupidity?  I doubt that.  Design, yes–that is much more the likely case.  Why?  Because the world elites (R’s & D’s alike) long ago determined a one world government was necessary to control and manage the globe for peace and prosperity.  To achieve their aims, destroying our economy and sovereignty are important steps along their path.  The “one-worlders” might actually believe their theory.   But in reality top down, cookie cutter control of human beings without private property rights is slavery and has never worked for long because it is anti-God.  Sooner or later slaves revolt because human nature cannot indefinitely tolerate having its God-given talents, abilities and spirit subverted or subjugated by other men.

The question every TEA PARTY person should be asking is, “Which of the four conservative candidates for president and which of the 2012 congressional candidates can best be trusted to restore America to its Constitutional roots?”  Who has the guts, the commitment, the fire in the belly to actually do what’s needed to reduce the size of government bureaucracy; gradually phase out the Fed’s control over interest rates and the money supply; reduce the threat of war and pave the way to long-term growth, peace and prosperity? Who’s the one that won’t back down for fear of not being re-elected in four years?  I don’t think these are difficult questions to answer.  But, if, like some people, you are afraid the constitution is passé and just won’t work in an era of globalism, and that jobs and the economy, which are effects and not the cause of America’s problems, will be a permanent solution and you think that being master of the sound bite and how a person’s suit jacket fits determines the caliber of the man more than his  policies do, well, chances are we’ll get more of what we’ve already got.  And sadly this may be the TEA PARTY’S last chance to achieve the dream of saving LIBERTY for ourselves and posterity.

We can swing this election if we stay true to our goal of Restoring America to its Constitutional Roots….and you know who the One Man is that won’t let us down.











February 12, 2012

Dear Friends,

Anyone who listened to the news reports about the Maine caucus last night could easily see the thinly veiled effort to block reporting of Ron Paul’s win.  Paul was only about 150 votes shy of Romney and Paul’s BIG Washington County votes were not included at that time…..

There is a little book entitled, “How do you Kill 11 Million People?” The book’s theme is: “If the truth is what sets us free, what does it mean to live in a society where truth is absent? Through the lens of the Holocaust, the book examines the critical need for truth in our relationships, communities and government.

The One Leader who has been telling us the truth all along is Ron Paul….why is the media and the Republican Party so afraid of the truth and the Constitution? 

Here’s part of what the Ron Paul campaign has to say about what happened last night:

From: John Tate []
Sent: Saturday, February 11, 2012 8:38 PM
To: The R3VOLUTION Will NOT Be Televised

Tonight you saw dueling examples of how much the establishment is scared of Ron Paul and his message of liberty.
Ron Paul will win the most delegates out of Maine tonight.   In fact, he will probably even win the “beauty contest” Straw Poll the media has already called for Mitt Romney – even before all the votes have been tallied.
“HOW CAN THAT BE?” you might be asking yourself.

Simple.  The national political establishment and their pals in the national media will do ANYTHING to silence our message of liberty.  It’s up to you and me to stop them. 

You see, in Maine today, you and I saw a perfect example of just how much the establishment fears Ron Paul.

In Washington County – where Ron Paul was incredibly strong – the caucus was delayed until next week just so the votes wouldn’t be reported by the national media today.
Of course, their excuse for the delay was “snow.”
That’s right.  A prediction of 3-4 inches – that turned into nothing more than a dusting – was enough for a local GOP official to postpone the caucuses just so the results wouldn’t be reported tonight.
This is MAINE we’re talking about.
The GIRL SCOUTS had an event today in Washington County that wasn’t cancelled!
And just the votes of Washington County would have been enough to put us over the top.
This is an outrage.  Perhaps you heard about it on the mainstream news tonight?

Probably not.  In fact, if you were watching one major network, they cut off their telecast of Ron Paul’s speech right when he began mentioning this fact.
The truth is, there is no length to which the GOP establishment won’t go.  There is nothing the mainstream media won’t do.
But they can’t stifle our message.  And they will have to listen to it all the way to the GOP nominating convention in August.

As someone who has been in the trenches with you in building the Garland County TEA Party and in bringing truth forward in our community and in sending the message far and wide via nine videos we produced last year, I ask you to please read this message. 

Here it is. 

In this election season TEA PARTY PEOPLE, will show with their donations and their votes how much they stand for LIBERTY and TRUTH under God and the U.S Constitution.

We all know this election may be the last chance to save America’s sovereignty.  We all know our lives depend on it.

I believe we all came together in 2009 to be strong for this very moment in time!  This is what we were born for!  This is what we rallied for!  This is what we’ve worked our hearts out for! 

NOW, when  WE THE PEOPLE have it in our power to RESTORE AMERICA TO ITS CONSTITUTIONAL ROOTS by UNITING behind the original Father of the TEA PARTY Movement….are we going to let America fall with LIES  or stand with the TRUTH? 

We’ve been saying that we’ve been lied to by the media and both political parties long enough!  Let’s prove to ourselves and the world that we’re not afraid to let the truth set us FREE!






December 4, 2011

The following quote is from today’s Jared of 9/11 website talking about the candidates now that Cain is out of the picture.


So now those who insist upon a wise and honest leader for President, who refuse ‘Progressives’ such as Newt, Jon, Mitt, and Rick, here in the Primaries, have but two options: Michele Bachmann, and Rick Santorum. Or Ron Paul, if you agree that Iran isn’t a threat, Israel isn’t deserving of our help, and that states should be able to legalize homosexual ‘marriage,’ prostitution, drugs, etc.”


We, the TEA Party PEOPLE, can change the conversation from what talking heads like Jared are saying to what everyone should be saying which is, “Ron Paul…He’s been right all along.”


Our job in 2012 is to save our Constitution and our Country.


Focusing on abortion, drugs, Israel, our economy, etc, will not save our country. They are issues that can be solved IF we save America first.


You know darn well the ONLY ONE WE CAN TRUST to remain standing for the Constitution, no matter what, is Ron Paul.


So we all better start talking about that! He is electable!


That’s the one clear message, repeated non-stop, that will change the conversation.





October 30, 2011

You don’t have to look far to find examples of assaults on our individual  personal property rights.  Examples are everywhere.

The most obvious of course is ObamaCare.  By taking away your right to decide on the care of your own body, ObamaCare stole your ‘first and foremost right, the right to control your own body.  Losing that right puts you in the category of ‘being  property’  instead of being a person who owns property ! 

The American legal system was based on you having the right to be protected from rape, murder, theft etc. because it respects the fact that your body is your own personal property, along with any property you have under your possession. Thus, for someone or something to cause damage to you in any way is a punishable crime.

Nothing I can say to you is more telling than to say, “Your life depends on having ObamaCare Repealed !  If this isn’t paramount to you, I dare say, either you think it’s not important enough or you don’t care.  If that’s the case, may I suggest you CLICK HERE and watch, “Exposing the Enemy,” I think it will change your mind.

This past week a small group from our Garland County TEA Party (Hot Springs, Arkansas) traveled north to Little Rock, AR in support of landowners around Lake Maumelle who are facing the danger of having 60% of their land being taken out of their control, by a voluntary – unelected planning & zoning  commission,  which thought it had the right to violate the land owners’ personal property rights. The commission was operating on the idea that they were taking precautions to protect the drinking water quality of the lake. You will understand the joke of that when I tell you that the first ¼ to ½ mile of lake frontage is already under the control of the Central Arkansas Water District and the lake has always been free of pesticide and chemical residue….here is the kicker….gasoline powered motor boats, swimming and other activities are allowed in the lake.

The commissioners granted me three minutes to address them with some basic questions. When they and I realized they couldn’t answer the questions, I asked if they knew the Arkansas Constitution holds private property rights as inviolable. They refused to answer.  So I asked the obvious question that you would have asked if you were there, “Then why did you come here today to vote on taking 60% of these landowners private property away from them?” At that point the commissioners unanimously voted ‘not to vote’ on the land grab issue that day.

What will happen next?  I don’t know. My recommendation to those land owners is the same I’d like to make to you.  Form a private property rights council in your community and begin standing up for your rights.  If you don’t, it will be like saying your property rights are not important or that you don’t care, and you know where that will lead.  We need to be prepared to take a stand as soon as we see we a danger.  Saving America means saving property rights in our own communities.

Here, the City of Hot Springs is considering exercising the authority to enact an ‘Extra Territorial Jurisdiction,’ (ETJ) to control land use for five miles outside the city limits.  One mandate it has been sporadically exercising is forbidding a county land owner to sell or divide his property, without approval of the City Planning and Zoning Commission.  After a protest by many realtors, the compromise made was that a county land owner can divide his property to his heirs in his will without city permission.  Another agreement the city is suggesting it might be willing to make is to limit the ETJ to one mile around the city instead of five miles.

I can hear you asking, “What is it about property rights they don’t seem to get?” That will change I assure you and I will keep you informed.

If your city/county is adjacent to a navigable stream like our city, and you haven’t had this ETJ issue surface yet, that would be quite surprising.   By the way, our navigable stream is a lake that a canoe can float on. 

To support all of us in being en garde about property rights, the Garland County TEA Party produced a powerful video, “Exposing the Enemy.”  Please CLICK HERE to see it.  You have my promise that within the first ten minutes of watching you will know you must see all of it.  Consider getting together as a group to view the video.


By the way, after watching “Exposing the Enemy”  CLICK HERE   to watch the short sequel/update to the video. You will be greatly inspired by others you see whose actions to restore their property rights are gaining Congressional attention.  You can do it too!!!

 I honor our partnership in working to Save America’s Sovereignty.




October 23, 2011

Dear Members, Friends and Supporters,

There are several threads that come together in this letter concerning the state of the USA .  I sense the only entity united to keep the USA united in the name of Freedom and Prosperity is the TEA Party Movement. 

Those of us working to save the American Dream know what we are working FOR.  Most others are fighting against what we are for.

The five links below came to me overnight. They are sent to you as an example of the dis-unity we are up against


1.      The Washington Times article is about Texas students being indoctrinated into Mexican culture, heritage and customs, and even pledging allegiance to the Mexican flag . That, in itself, wouldn’t be as bad if the Mexican students were not anti-American and the Mexicans weren’t here illegally and didn’t have the intention of conquering the Southwestern states of America and making it part of Mexico.  AND Rick Perry is running for the highest office in the land????


2.      The Democrat Party leaders have publically spoken out in favor of the Occupiers as you will see in the video entitled “Democrats Shamefully Support”


3.     The Sustainable Development Circling Chattanooga article by Katheen Marquardt is about the dissolution of individual states in favor of Regionallsim, which is a major stepping stone toward a global government. (And the odds are waaaay better than 50/50 Hillary will run for Prez in 2012…she of the cheerleadership for a UN One World Government.)


4.     Muslim multiculturalism that is at epidemic proportions around the world and being ignored here at home.


5.     From our colleague Vince Wade, author of , “The Chinafication of America,” this memo:

“This morning I ran across a press release from the University of Michigan Law School announcing a “bold new Directors’ College.” Whatever that is. But regardless of what they call it, the press release makes the intent crystal clear: it is an effort to embed the University of Michigan even deeper in the Chinafication of America. A copy of the press release is attached.

They intend to hold an “invitation only” soiree at the Washington D. C. Ritz-Carleton (spare no expense with the Michigan taxapayers’ money). It is for various globalist corporate high-rollers and American traitors with the express intent of providing:

 “sophisticated analysis and advice regarding issues facing directors and officers of leading international companies engaging with business and finance across the globe, especially in Asia. Foremost on the list of topics at the event is directors’ and officers’ exposure to liability in China and India, and corporate liability for U.S. multinationals investing in those Asian powerhouse economies…”

For those concerned about the U of M’s ever-deepening alignment with Communist China, when you read the attached press release, please take particular note that one of the featured speakers is Gao Xiqing, Vice Chairman, President and Chief Investment Officer of the China Investment Corporation.  

For those who may not know, the China Investment Corporation, or CIC, is the sovereign wealth fund of the Chinese government. Most Americans are unfamiliar with Sovereign Wealth Funds. That’s dangerous ignorance for our  democracy. It’s an example of what you don’t know CAN hurt you. 

 A sovereign wealth fund–only a few countries like China, Russia and the Arab Gulf States have them–is a financial investment arm of a foreign government.  Unlike private enterprise, when a sovereign wealth fund buys a business, in Michigan, let’s say, that means a foreign government owns that business, not some foreign business entrepreneur. In this case, the CIC is the world’s largest Communist dictatorship’s investment vehicle. The CIC has started investing in the United States. I won’t go in to that now, except to say China’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, as of today, has invested in 13 deals in Michigan worth $626 million—mostly automotive-related, as you would expect.


I realize that some who receive this letter may not be familiar enough with the issues to deeply understand the ramification they have to America’s dis-unity, but they have everything to do with the people we vote into office in 2012.

Unless, you favor the idea of a one world communist style government where global trade is the religion and the only education for the masses is training  to perform a singular job….. where cradle to grave gov’t control is the rule of law; and your value is only the value of what you produce…it is time to start demanding that political debates focus on finding candidates who put the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution before jobs, the economy and candidates’ religion and looks and sense of humor.

America’s founders were unified by their faith in God…that is One God…not what church they went to. They valued life. I doubt anyone asked George Washington what his views were on abortion.  ( You might consider that Hillary is pro-choice – pro-global government – pro-homosexuality – anti- Israel – and she may be our next president  if women vote for her because she is a woman.) That would be as ignorant as voting for Rick Perry or Mitt Romney because they are men, good liars and you like the way they look or speak)

TEA Party people simply have join forces with candidates for the White House,  the State House and the Court House who speak out about the issues I’ve touched on and we have to discern, based on their footprints, which ones we can trust   to  hold America’s founding principles as their  guiding light in all decisions.

If America has leadership that remains firmly embedded in keeping America Free and resists appeasement to those who want to undermine us, We the People can rebuild the economy. We can start over. We can reorganize our social, educational and financial structure. While it may not be an easy road to travel….it is the only road worth traveling.




September 2, 2011


“Sovereignty First,” should be America’s battle cry heard sea to shining sea. The air waves should be vibrating with it!

When the media squawked ad nauseam that TEA Partiers are terrorists we heard it day and night.  But, America is in a battle to save its sovereignty and nobody is talking about it!  Not one candidate has said that out loud. Not one Senator or Congressman has come right out in the open about it.  So we don’t hear about this war that is conquering our nation as China and other countries buy up our assets and setup their own sovereign enclaves – IN AMERICA!!!

The prevailing conversation at primary debates and in every interview is the lack of jobs and the poor economy and how to fix it.  Of course the economy stinks. Our manufacturing base left the country to find cheaper labor and tax incentives, so of course jobs in America disappeared. Duh! 

And, now, to top it off, America’s politicians are selling off our empty factories to the Chinese!   

Governors like Rick Perry in Texas and Mitch Snyder in Michigan are giving lucrative incentives and concessions to China to build toll roads and bridges  and factories  in the USA to employ minimum wage workers  from China in Free Trade Zones in our country. None of that adds to America’s tax base or provides livable wage jobs to our citizens. China is being allowed to ship its raw materials and parts free of duty from their country to fuel the production of goods that are being produced and sold here in our country and in other countries at lower prices than American competitors who don’t have the same financial advantages. Doesn’t that give you pause to ask, “What the heck is going on here?” 

America is becoming a charitable corporation that exists as a land bridge between two oceans to aid and abet China in dominating global trade. Take a look at the Nafta Superhighway map. Chatter about it is that the hwy has stopped being built.  Don’t believe IT. .  The powers that be have simply renamed it “THE Innovative Connectivity Plan” and are working on pieces at a time. By any other name it’s globalism on the move, taking private land by eminent domain to benefit a few insiders and the Chinese corporations.  The so-called public private partnerships (affectionately known as ppp3’s) are getting huge grants and will collect revenue from the toll roads they’ll own….how does 75 Cents per mile sound to you?

Has anyone called to ask if you’d like to invest in owning that toll road?  Of course not!  And what about the land along the side the road that will be sold to restaurants, office parks, shopping malls and high-rise apt blocks….will we own shares in that….don ‘t hold your breath.

Nobody in our gov’t is looking out for us?  Well, no one I can find except Ron Paul…but of course Republicans have marginalized him for a few flaws they seem to think are more important than saving America’s sovereignty.

Look, it can’t be that all politicians are blind about the Chinafication of America. If they are so dumb to believe it will benefit America …we better not vote them into office.  If they don’t care that it will benefit China and not the USA, then they’re dumb and greedy…we better not vote for them. 

And the sad thing is…we the people are even dumber because we are not demanding answers from the candidates. If we don’t get in gear and ask each one what they will do to save America’s sovereignty first and the economy second…we are simply out of luck!

Surely, there is a way America can participate in global trade without sacrificing our sovereignty. If not, choose sovereignty and the US Constitution with private property rights intact anyway–because being worker bees for the collective is not what we were born for.

If the battle cry, “Sovereignty First” doesn’t become America’s mantra pretty quickly….at the end of the day “Honey, I’m home.”  Will soon turn into,  “你好蜂蜜我是家”.

Don’t know those words?  Write to SITW831@gmail to ask me.